Purchasing a Cat D Vehicle?

It’s essential to keep in mind the cat D vehicle will be written off only because it’s uneconomical to repair, but not due to the fact that any possible damage was so bad it couldn’t be driven ever again.

Consequently, no examination is required to verify the repair, as a respected garage should really provide you with the vehicle to a roadworthy standard – otherwise, subsequent MOT testing really should pick-up any defects or defective repairs.

What’s more, it’s really worth considering that although a Category D vehicle on the market can be less expensive compared to market price – even if it’s in fantastic shape with all the problems being carried out to a very high standard – with regards to trying to sell the car, it will not be really worth as much.

Experienced traders need to state if your vehicle has at some time been written off as the part of a sale, but private people don’t. To make sure you do not get caught out shelling out more than the odds, a motor vehicle data check will uncover if your vehicle has ever been written-off and into what classification it had been placed – and could be carried out for a few pounds.

Whilst a cat D write-off might sound cheap, keep in mind some insurance companies may well reject to provide cover for a written off motor vehicle, too, regardless how light the damage was. If you are looking at purchasing a cat D car or truck, make sure you seek advice from your vehicle insurance provider whether or not they deal with Category D cars.