Jaguar XF Poor Performance

Jaguar 3.0 XF Diesel throwing up numerous engine management codes such as P2263 – or P006A often accompanied with codes P00BD and P1247.

After checking the obvious things such as air intake hoses, air filter restrictions. You now might want to look at the turbo shut off valve.

The problem arises due to the arm getting corroded and sticking on the pivot. Only vehicles with a retainer nut are actually affected, no nut – no problem.

Now, there is a Jaguar repair kit – genuine parts obviously. This kit consists of a nice new vacuum actuator as well as a link arm. Now read this carefully – Make sure to mark the exact position of the corroded link arm just before removal to make sure the nice new link arm goes in the same position. NEVER change or make any adjustment of the new vacuum actuator rod locking nut.

Clear the previously generated codes and carry out a road test of at least 3 drive cycles. Re-check for and codes. You`ll know it`s ok, because your performance is back!