Search Our Register For An Independent Jaguar Specialist

What is an Independent Jaguar Specialist?

Why should I use one?

What could they do for me?

These are probably some of the key questions that you might have asked yourself about an Independent Jaguar Specialist garage. Maybe, in the past you have always used a Jaguar main dealer, who cared for your car in a way that was second to none.

Well, after research and numerous phone calls, we collated over 100 Independent Jaguar Specialist garages. All have been carefully checked, verified and listed, as the UK`s leading Independent Jaguar Specialists. The Jaguar Specialist Register is unique in that you can find your nearest Jaguar Specialist in seconds. Simply by putting your postcode into the search box, will reveal your choice of Jaguar Specialists. Including their contact details, as well as providing you with a biography of each Jaguar garage (should they choose)

The Jaguar Specialist Register is the definitive listing of Independent Jaguar Specialists, as recognised by Jaguar Owners Clubs. This offers the Jaguar owner, an easy stress free way to find their Jaguar Specialist garage. Every Independent Jaguar Specialist registered, will have a wealth of experience of the Jaguar marque, no matter what model.

They will of course use Jaguar workshop and diagnostic tools. All these combined will quickly diagnose any problem, or future problem you are likely to have.

They will of course use genuine Jaguar parts, which as a proud Jaguar owner you`ll be pleased to hear. But for those on a tighter budget, there are reputable parts suppliers and manufacturers that stock pattern parts of equal quality.





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