Jaguar F-Pace v Porsche Macan

Most of the Jaguar F-Pace’s athleticism steams from the underpinnings, which it actually borrows from Jaguar’s sportiest model, which is the F-type. But it doesn’t get the sports car’s renowned supercharged V8 engine yet. But, having said that the V6 Jaguar engines available are very decent, especially the V6 3-litre diesel, now that suits the Jaguar F-Pace well.

Opening the Jaguar F-Pace range is the rear-wheel drive, manual transmission 2-litre diesel version in the Prestige trim, priced at just under £35,000

All Jaguar F-Pace models that is, apart from 2 two entry level powertrains have automatic transmission as well as the all-wheel-drive system. But the cheapest trim level to feature the all-wheel-drive system is the manual transmission 2-litre diesel that costs about £37,000jaguar car verses porsche

The Jaguar F-Pace will occupy an envied space in the jam packed midsize SUV car market where Porsche does reign supreme. The entry into the Porsche Macan range is £10,000 above the Jaguar F-Pace, justifiably so though – the base Macan it’s more potent, has automatic Trans and four-wheel drive. That said, the equivalent Jaguar F-Pace would come thousands pounds cheaper. There’s very little to separate these two, the Jaguar and Porsche are dynamic and undoubtedly engaging to drive in their class.

Both the BMW and Audi Q5 were the 2 cars cited as benchmarks in the initial phase of development of the Jaguar F-Pace before Jaguar focused its attention on the Porsche Macan. The Audi Q5 is surely an undoubtedly great machine, featuring solid build quality that you’d’ expect. But it can’t provide much satisfaction behind the wheel, not like the Jaguar F-Pace. The BMW and Audi are priced way higher than the Jaguar F-Pace – But both are going to cost £40k once you`ve specified a few options or packages.