Jaguar Convertible Roof Cleaning

Thinking of cleaning your shabby convertible roof? Well, you could take it to the professionals but you`d be without the car for maybe 2 days. Now, if you`re wanting to save some money doing the cleaning yourself isn’t that difficult and it`ll be so satisfying. First things first, you`ll need to remove as much dirt as you can from the hood fabric with a nice soft brush – you can vacuum the hood to pick up the dust, but it`s not necessary but if it’s real dirty maybe do it anyway. Convertible owners are split whether to soak the hood or not before starting to apply the products. But that’s your call, I would advise on soaking the roof first, I think it aids the distribution of the cleaner, which is the first product to go on. But if you are worried about any leaks, maybe it better if you don’t. Make sure you`re not spraying high pressure water right at the vulnerable areas, and turn it down to a gentle setting. Now, I`d recommend a product called Renovo its a 3 product treatment system that`s a Soft Top Reviver it Re-Colours and Re-Conditions Your Soft Top  

So, once nicely soaked, apply with a brush the Renovo Soft Top Cleaner to your hood. Let it sit for 45 minutes in the shade. Best if the weather isn`t too warm. Now scrub away and see the grim lift off. Sounds like hard work, but stick with it. Now hose off and leave to dry. Now using the dye, work from the middle outwards, use about half of the bottle and get a good coverage. Again leave to completely dry. Probably the next day apply the proofer don`t spare any, give it a good coating. Leave this to dry, in a few hours go out and admire your handy work!

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