Do Yellow Night Glasses Work?

yello night driving glasses

For those who drive during the night it is most likely you will probably have been dazzled from the headlights of the oncoming vehicle. Regardless of whether their main beams that weren’t turned off, bright xenon headlights, or perhaps poorly adjusted halogen lighting, the dazzling effect can result in a distraction at the best or might briefly blind you, as the eye balls readjust to the dark beyond.

So exactly what can you do about this? Well, many people recommend night driving glasses. We aren’t referring to night time vision glasses, a military favourite that utilizes infra-red to let you see in very low light situations. Instead they are glasses which have been specifically designed to counteract glare.

But what is so special about night time driving glasses? Well, they often use a yellow-colored tint, which is made to decrease the brightness of white-colored light, although some have polarised lenses that lessen reflections, too. Introducing colour to white-colored light makes it much easier on the eye, as well as a yellow-colored hue is able to reduce this with out seriously modifying the overall colour spectrum which the eye is going to be viewing during the night. If red-colored, blue, green or another colour was applied instead, it could prove much more distracting. Introducing a yellow-colored tint is considered to enhance contrast, too.

Do night-time driving glasses perform well?

Retailers of night time driving glasses lay claim that they’re efficient at decreasing glare and dazzle at night-time, and if you have experimented with them, then you may believe that they work, particularly if your eyesight is especially photosensitive. Nevertheless, there isn’t any technological evidence they work.

In reality, the yellow-colored tint – whilst making it seem like you are able to ‘see’ much better – can decrease field of vision in the same manner that sporting sunglasses during the night will, although not as drastically. The truth is, yellow-colored tinted glasses are better in foggy or hazy situations as an alternative to fighting headlight glare.